7 June 2017

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories seeks input on Small Modular Reactor Technology

 Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) are initiating a discussion on how best to bring Small Modular Reactor technology to market.

 They are aiming to develop a greater understanding of the existing capabilities, technology gaps, needs and requirements both from technology developers…

22 May 2017

NuSec Network Personal Development Grants Develop Research Capacity

2 early-career researchers from the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge were awarded a NuSec Network Personal Development Grant to attend the 16th ESARDA Course on Nuclear Safeguards and Non-proliferation, April 2017, Ispra, Italy.

This 5 day course, held at the Joint Research Centre, provided an in-depth insight into the legal, technical and logistical frameworks…

4 May 2017

Save The Date - Algorithms and Autonomous Decision Making Workshop, 18 Sept 2017, London

24 April 2017

NuSec Network Personal Development Grant Delivers US and UK Outcomes

Thanks to a Personal Development Grant from the Nuclear Security Science Network and financial support from the University of Bristol,  Peter Martin, a Phd Student, was able to attend and present at the Waste Management Symposium, Phoenix (AZ, USA) 5th – 9th March 2017. One of the largest industry events in the world and attracting experts and companies from across…